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Designed with care


Every product sold by Artiwood Australia is safe to use, environmentally friendly and manufactured under the strictest ethical standards. They comply with recognised international safety regulations and have been assessed for compliance with current Australian safety standards.


Manufacturers of children’s toys typically use the European Union’s standard known as the EN 71 Series of Standards for designing and manufacturing their products. These standards are very similar to the Australian AS/NZS 8124 Series of Standards for children’s toys. Occasionally, as an alternative, manufacturers will comply with the ISO 8124 Series of Standards or the American ASTM Standard.


This means products tested to international standards are normally compliant with Australian standards. However, international standard can differ from local standards particularly for age grading and labelling. As a reputable importer, Artiwood understands these differences. We use a five-part quality control process to ensure all of our products comply with the Australian AS/NZS 8124 Series of Standards. 


This includes a long established practice of never working with any manufacturer we believe has lax quality standards. For example, we won't support any manufacturer unwilling, or unable, to supply certification for any product. We don’t believe it’s worth risking your child, or the eco-friendly, non-toxic brand we've taken 16 years to build.


This means you can buy from Artiwood secure in the knowledge that we only import products which are safe for you and your children.


For more information - follow this link.


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Five levels of quality control


Our philosophy

Artiwood Australia’s first defence against non-compliant products is its business strategy. We practice an eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable philosophy. This means we never import toys built entirely of plastic or baby products using non-organic fabrics.


Choosing our suppliers

We have an established policy of importing products from globally established toy brands in preference to brand-less OEM or white label manufacturers. Global brands as a matter of course maintain a level of standards compliance that is rarely matched by an unknown OEM supplier. This includes on-site quality control, independent standards testing and regular compliance monitoring.


Assessing compliance

Artiwood assesses new products it imports for standard compliance prior to placing an order. Depending on the product involved this includes a careful review of samples exhibited by a supplier at an international trade show, or a review of samples shipped to Australia.


Confirming compliance

New products we import into Australia in commercial quantities for the first time are subject to a further inspection when they arrive. We review each product to confirm that its final format is still consistent with samples shipped previously to us.


Remaining vigilant

Artiwood is a member of the Australian Toy Association. As a member we receive regular bulletins and emails on changing legislation. We also subscribe to the ACCC's email alert service. Its updates allow us to maintain a watching brief over the compliance of every toys we import. 


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Being Eco-friendly


Modern manufacturing has made sustainable, eco-friendly products increasingly difficult to find. The world seems full of plastic toys. 


The team at Artiwood Australia relishes this challenge. We search the world every year for toys that reflect our philosophy at an affordable price. Very few manufacturers make the cut.


However, those that do are worth the effort. In 2014 we added more than 200 new products to our range; and did the same again in 2015. This included the best from rising global brands like Indigo Jamm, Apple Park, New Classic Toys and Buildex; along with Kidstart, a reputable Australian supplier of educational posters, charts and books.


Each supplier was carefully chosen for its commitment to designing and manufacturing safe and eco-friendly products using sustainable and organic materials. 


We also ensure each supplier manufactures uses fair and ethical standards. This includes ICTI factory certification issued by the USA’s Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and the International Council of Toy Industries. 


This means that our toys offer rich learning opportunities but don't cost the earth; literally and figuratively. Instead, your decision to buy from us will have a positive impact - all the way back to every product’s community of origin.


Buy from us safe in the knowledge that you’re contributing to a greener, brighter future for our planet and its people.



What makes a product eco-friendly


Sustainable wood sources

Many of our toys are made from rubber wood, grown on plantations. This timber is a sustainable source. As each rubber tree ages its rubber latex production declines. Eventually it’s taken out of production. Our suppliers then harvest this wood to create beautiful toys.


All of our paper products use vegetable-based inks and timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 


Our Apple Park range of baby and toddler products use 100% organically grown cotton and Tek Standard Low Impact dyes. 


All painted products we sell are finished with non-toxic child-safe paints and lacquers.


Packaging is kept to a minimum. In fact, we even recycle the cardboard boxes in our warehouse whenever we pack and ship your order. 



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No where did I manage to get such a special dinosaur gift for my child. They are great letters and you guys ROCK !!!!!!! ...
I just adore dolphins and I love playing on your website. ...
The Noah's Ark arrived today. It is amazing. I can't wait to play with it as well. I can see it is going to be a favourite around our house. Thanks. ...
loved your site it was fun thanks ...
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Artiwood Wooden Letters featuring animals, dolphins, fairies, dinosaurs and koalas. The wooden letters are great for spelling kids names and words on doors, walls and toy boxes
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